110+ Black Names For Boys (With Meanings) (2024)

Are you finding black names for boys on the internet? One’s name is a link to their own unique history and personality. It’s a perfect summary of who you are or what it is you aspire to become.

However, this also makes selecting the perfect name for your baby a bit difficult. America is a diverse country with a rich culture and heritage. African Americans are a large part of American history.

They played a major role in making America what it is today. Not only is the African culture an essential part of American culture, but it is also deeply ingrained in American history.

African-Americans have a wide variety of naming traditions for their children. Baby names can be chosen in two ways: either in relation to current events or from popular culture. Many African-American parents choose names with African roots for their children so that their children can feel a stronger connection to their roots.

There are several factors many parents consider when deciding what to call their new bundle of joy. Names with deep meanings, like Jarel, which suggests bravery and tolerance, are appealing to some parents.

Families with deep religious roots may prefer a name from the Bible, such as Malachi. Regardless of the reasoning, Black names are so diverse that there are virtually limitless options to fit each family’s desires.

Choosing a name is essentially setting the foundation for your child’s identity. Name him something that reflects his bravery, self-assurance, nobility, and wisdom. It’s possible you’re hoping to find a name with historical significance or a special meaning that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Discover popular Black boy names with powerful meanings like “brave,” “warrior,” “loyal,” or “handsome” to fall in love with.

Following our list of lovely baby names and their meanings is a more substantial collection of African American boy names, listed here by their initial letter.

Use this list as a jumping-off point to think of dozens of other interesting and original names you could give your child, all with just a few tweaks to the spelling or pronunciation!

- Aaron — Honored, strong

— Father of many: Abraham

— Aiyden — Little fire

— Alonzo — Noble

— Andres: Strong, valiant, and manly

— The Messenger, Angelo

— Anthony — Priceless one

— Antonne — Priceless

— Noble strength: Autry

— Booker — Scribe

— Brandon — Prince

— Brayton- Broad, brave

— Briceson — Nobleman’s son

— Bryson — Son of a nobleman

— Bald Calvin; crooked nose Cameron

— Shaquille — Handsomemight

— Clayton — Clay settlement

— College and town names include Colby, Swarthy Cornell, and Horn.

— Christopher — Christ-bearer

— Damien — To tame

— Darnell — Hidden nook

— Darius — To possess good

— Demetrius — Follower of Demeter, Lover of Earth

— Dontrell — Lasting, enduring

— Eli — High, elevated

— Elijah: Yahweh is my God; Efrem: Having twice as much fruit

— Ekon — Strong

— Embry — Flat-topped hill

— Farrell — Brave sGhalen — Tranquil, calm sGrady — Noble

— Hassan is handsome and Hakeem is wise.

— Isiah — God is salvation

— Izaak’s laughter Jabari’s bravery Jadyn’s assurance that God has heard hi

— Jaheem’s dignity and elevation

— Jahmir — Loyal, trustworthy

— Jamal — Beautiful, handsome

— Jace: Healer and Curator

— Jayden — Thankful

— Jaylen — Healer, tranquil

— Jelani — Mighty, great, powerful

— Jordan: Drop, slosh down

— Joseph: God will multiply

— Justin — Just, righteous

— Justus — Justice and fairness

— Kahlil — Friend

— Kasim — One who distributes

— Keenan — Ancient

— Kellan — Strong

— Kelvin — River man

— Khalan — Strong warrior

— Kofi — Friday Birth

— Kordell — Cord maker

— Lamonte — Man of law

— Lemarcus — From the God Mars

— Levi — Joined together

— Malachiah — Messenger of God

— Malik — King, sovereign

— Young warrior Marcel

— Michael — Who is like God?

— Mountain in Montrell

— Murphy — Sea warrior

— Naeem — Comfort, ease

— Noah — Rest, repose

— Nolan — Noble, renowned

— New village in Neville

— Niles — Champion

— Omari — Flourishing

— Orion — Hunter

— Oscar: The sword of God

— Owen — Well-born

— Payne — Rustic, countryman

— Peter — A stone or rock

— Phineas — Serpent’s mouth

— Quinn — Wise, counsel

— Raffiel — God has healed

— Rashaad — Wisdom, good guidance

— Rhyland, the rye-growing region

— Roscoe — Heartland of the roe deer

— Sammy — His name is God

— Samuel: God has listened.

— Sebastian — revered Sharod and gave him a high five — Autumn

— Shaun: God is kind.

— Stefon — A crown or garland

— Tahj — Crown sTerrence — Tender

— Tevin — Handsome

A combination of Trey (three) and Devin is Treyvon (divine)

— Tyrell — Stubborn

— Urick — unknown meaning

— Von — Hope

— Zahair: Gleaming brightly

Final Thoughts

Pick the perfect name for your son from this list of original options. Selecting a wonderful name for a son is one of life’s most precious moments for any parent. Choose the perfect name for your baby boy with the help of this list of great Black Names For Boys.

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110+ Black Names For Boys (With Meanings) (2024)
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