118 Unique Black Girl Names Inspired By Cultures Around The World (2024)

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Preparing for a new bundle of joy to be added to your family can be exciting, thrilling and a bit daunting. If this is your first baby or your first baby girl being added to your family, it can be especially stressful. You not only have to prepare the house, make sure you have picked out all the right clothes and do all of your baby shopping; but you also have to do one other thing: pick out the perfect name for your baby girl. This list of Black girl names may help. They are specifically chosen to reflect culture, places you may have traveled, and people from around the world.

Take a look at this list gathered together from around the world. It has names inspired by African culture, names inspired by Europe and names inspired by notable figures from N. America. You’ll be reminded of places you traveled as well as places you long to go with your new family addition.

Black Girl Names Inspired By African Culture

The rich history and culture of Africa are inspiring and a call back to who we are as a people. Perhaps you want your baby girl to tap into that identity. These names may help you tap into that power and diversity. Take a look at this list gathered together from all ends of the continent.

  1. Amina (Arabic origin, widely used in Africa) – “trustworthy”

  2. Nia (Swahili) – “purpose”

  3. Zara (Arabic origin, popular in many African countries) – “princess” or “flower”

  4. Adama (West African) – “earth”

  5. Kali (Swahili) – “fierce”

  6. Amara (Igbo origin in Nigeria) – “grace”

  7. Nyala (Ethiopian) – a type of antelope

  8. Imani (Swahili) – “faith”

  9. Ayanna (African origin) – “beautiful flower”

  10. Zuri (Swahili) – “beautiful”

  11. Kioni (Swahili) – “the one who sees”

  12. Asha (Swahili) – “life”

  13. Zahara (Arabic origin) – “flower”

  14. Ife (Yoruba name from Nigeria) – “love”

  15. Safiya (Arabic) – “pure”

  16. Laila (Arabic origin, popular in North Africa) – “night”

  17. Nala (Swahili) – “gift”

  18. Ngozi (Igbo people of Nigeria) – “blessing”

  19. Malaika (Swahili) – “angel”

  20. Makeda (Ethiopian) – associated with the Queen of Sheba.

Unique Black Girl Names That Mean ‘Queen’ In Various Languages

Perhaps you want to infuse your baby girl with a sense of identity and purpose from the get-go with her name. If you are looking to raise your very own little Queen Bey, then these names that translate to “queen” from various languages is just what you may be looking for right now.

  1. Raina (Bulgarian)

  2. Rani (Hindi/Sanskrit)

  3. Regina (Latin)

  4. Reine (French)

  5. Mele (Hawaiian)

  6. Basira (Swahili)

  7. Raja (Arabic)

  8. Mbali (Zulu)

  9. Melisende (Old German)

  10. Malikah (Arabic)

  11. Nzinga (Kimbundu)

  12. Tuya (Ancient Egyptian)

  13. Soraya (Persian)

  14. Reyna (Spanish)

  15. Sabeen (Arabic)

  16. Onyeka (Igbo)

  17. Ensi (Sumerian)

  18. Zahina (Arabic)

  19. Czarina (Russian)

  20. Cleopatra (Ancient Greek)

Black Girl Names With European Origins

  1. Sophia (Greek) – “wisdom”

  2. Isabella (Spanish and Italian) – “pledged to God”

  3. Adriana (Latin) – “from Adria”

  4. Amara (Italian and Greek) – “eternal”

  5. Bianca (Italian) – “white”

  6. Elena (Spanish, Italian, and Slavic) – “bright”

  7. Alessandra (Italian) – variation of Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind”

  8. Gabriella (Hebrew) – variation of Gabrielle meaning “God is my strength”

  9. Natalia (Latin) – “born on Christmas Day”

  10. Valentina (Italian) – “strong”

  11. Lucia (Italian and Spanish) – “light”

  12. Clara (Latin) – “clear”

  13. Antonia (Latin and Italian) – “priceless”

  14. Isolde (Celtic) – associated with the tragic love story of Tristan and Isolde.

  15. Celeste (Italian) – “heavenly”

  16. Carmen (Spanish) – “song”

  17. Elara (Greek)- associated with one of Jupiter’s moons.

  18. Amalia (Germanic and Latin) – “work”

  19. Seraphina (Italian and Hebrew) – “ardent”

  20. Romina (Italian) – variation of Romaine, meaning “from Rome”

Black Girl Names Inspired By Asian Culture

There is a deep connection between Black and Asian culture; a mutual respect if you will. If your travels have taken you to the Far East and you have developed a love that runs deep for it, choosing a name for your baby girl that reflects this love may be just the right thing.

  1. Mei (Chinese) – “beautiful”

  2. Sakura (Japanese) – “cherry blossom”

  3. Aisha (Japanese) – “alive”

  4. Priya (Indian) – “beloved”

  5. Leela (Sanskrit) – “divine play”

  6. Mei Ling (Chinese) names meaning “beautiful” and “delicate.”

  7. Hana (Korean) – “one” or “first”

  8. Siti (Indonesian and Malaysian) – “lady”

  9. Nara (Korean) – “oak tree”

  10. Anika (Indian and Scandinavian) – “grace”

  11. Ying (Chinese) – “cherry blossom”

  12. Laila (Arabic and Indian) – “night”

  13. Seiko (Japanese) – “truth”

  14. Meiying (Chinese) – “beautiful cherry blossom”

  15. Amara (several Asian cultures) – “immortal”

  16. Tanika (Indian) – “rope”

  17. Sora (Japanese) – “sky”

  18. Zara (Arabic, Hebrew, and Indian cultures) – “princess”

  19. Sana (Arabic) – “brilliance”

  20. Yuki (Japanese) – “snow”

Black Girl Names Inspired By The Middle East

  1. Amina (Arabic) – “trustworthy”

  2. Layla (Arabic-speaking countries) – “night”

  3. Farida (Arabic) – “unique”

  4. Samira (Arabic) – “companion in evening talk”

  5. Yasmin (Persian) – “jasmine flower”

  6. Leila (Arabic) – “night”

  7. Zahara (Arabic) – “flower”

  8. Amal (Arabic) – “hope”

  9. Saida (Arabic) – “happy”

  10. Shireen (Persian) – “sweet”

  11. Noura (Arabic) – “light”

  12. Nadia (Arabic) – “hope”

  13. Zainab (Arabic) – religious significance, associated with a revered figure in Islam.

  14. Rania (Arabic) – “queen”

  15. Soraya (Arabic) – “gem”

  16. Noor (Arabic) – “light”

  17. Lina (Arabic) – “tender”

  18. Yasmina – A variation of Yasmin, meaning “jasmine flower”

  19. Malika (Arabic) – “queen”

  20. Nyla (Arabic) – “winner”

Black Girl Names Influenced By American Culture

Coming back to the USA and looking into its rich history for name inspiration may be just the thing your new baby girl needs. With a long tradition of strong female leaders in the civil rights movement, in literature, and in entertainment, parents have the makings of great ideas for a baby girl name.

  1. Maya – Inspired by the renowned American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou

  2. Rosa – In honor of civil rights icon Rosa Parks

  3. Ella – Named after the legendary American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald

  4. Aretha – In tribute to the “Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin

  5. Billie – Inspired by jazz and blues singer Billie Holiday

  6. Harriet – In honor of Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist and Underground Railroad conductor

  7. Coretta – Named after Coretta Scott King, an influential civil rights activist

  8. Whitney – In tribute to the iconic American singer Whitney Houston

  9. Oprah – Inspired by media mogul and talk show host Oprah Winfrey

  10. Serena – Named after tennis legend Serena Williams

  11. Beyoncé – In homage to the multi-talented American singer, songwriter, and actress Beyoncé Knowles

  12. Michelle – In honor of former First Lady Michelle Obama

  13. Kamala – Inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris, the first female vice president of the United States

  14. Oprah – Named after media mogul and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey

  15. Condoleezza – In tribute to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

  16. Janelle – Inspired by actress and singer Janelle Monáe

  17. Zendaya – In tribute to actress and singer Zendaya

  18. Simone – Named after the legendary American gymnast and activist Simone Biles

118 Unique Black Girl Names Inspired By Cultures Around The World (2024)
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