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Frequently Asked Questions


Drawing from our rich experience spanning over 20 years where we've rescued, sheltered, and protected 12,000 animals, we've addressed countless inquiries. Herein, we're sharing answers to some of the questions we frequently encounter.



Where do you rescue horses from? We rescue horses from a variety of situations, including owner surrenders, law enforcement seizures and abandoned / stray horses, but our primary focus is rescuing horses from going to slaughter through auction rescue and the Buyout Program, both of which are funded 100% by donations.
What happens to the rescued horses? All horses that come to our shelter are seen by one or both of our full time Staff Veterinarians, Dr Lydia and Dr Gina. They work together to determine quality of life, diagnose any injuries or disease, and develop a treatment plan. All auction and buyout horses are given 30+ days of quarantine before going into our training and adoption program.
How many horses do you rescue? We rescue, shelter and protect over 2,000 animals a year, mostly horses.


Where does your funding come from? We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare charity, and as such our funding comes from donations from generous people just like you. Our average donation is approximately $43.
How much do your officers earn? Our officer's compensation is determined by our diverse Board of Directors using fair market analysis for officers operating an organization of our size.
How much revenue do you bring in yearly? Our annual budget is approxiately $2,000,000.
Why don't you just use volunteers? Volunteers are an absolutely wonderful asset to any organization, however, with the number of animals relying on our daily care, we cannot rely solely on volunteers to provide the labor needed.

Jason and Tawnee

Who started Horse Plus? In 2003, Jason and Tawnee Preisner started NorCal Equine Rescue, which became Horse Plus Humane Society, and it was an official nonprofit in 2004.
Are Jason and Tawnee paid? Yes, Jason and Tawnee's compensation is determined by our diverse Board of Directors using fair market analysis for their job positions. Tawnee is the full-time CEO and President, while Jason is a part time employee. Jason owns and operates a large real estate company, which is completely separate from Horse Plus, and as such his time is split between Horse Plus Humane Society and his real estate business. He started his real estate business in the late 90's with his first home purchase. Despite his time being split, he always makes Horse Plus a priority and is often seen working early, late and on weekends!
Learn more about our founders and history.

End of Life

Do youeuthanize horses?We are an open-admission shelter. We take horses regardless of their condition, even if they need the Last Act of Kindness. We have two full-time veterinarians who evaluate the horses and determine quality of life issues. We rarely have to make a euthanasia decision because of a dangerous / behavioral problem. The primary reason for horses coming into our facility needing Humane euthanasia is that they are suffering from chronic medical conditions and pain. Technically our horse shelter would fall under the "no kill" category because 98% of euthanasias is for quality of life issues.

How do you euthanize horses?All horses that are euthanized are put to sleep useing one of the approved methods by the American Association of Equine Practioners (AAEP) and the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA). Our preferred method is sedation and sodium pentobarbital just like at a veterinarian hospital. Emergency situations may require one of the other AAEP approved methods.

What happens to the horse's body after being euthanized?​We take pride in being the only horse shelter in the United States that provides crematorium services for equine.Horse cremation stands as a significant gesture of respect and love for our equine friends after their earthly journey concludes. It's heart-warming to note that Horse Plus Humane Society ensures this honor for horses, through the Last Act of Kindness, followed by a dignified cremation. This process truly reflects our deep commitment and unwavering respect for these majestic creatures, even beyond their life's end.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Horse Plus (2024)
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