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What is Hindilinks4u? Is the website still working? Are there any Hindilinks4u alternatives? In short, it’s a free website where you can watch movies online. However, due to content infringing copyright policies, it often shuts down.

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NoteStreaming from free websites is considered illegal, and FastestVPN is in no way affiliated with any of the websites in this blog. All the content on the page is purely for informational purposes. If you do happen to access these websites, consider using FastestVPN for protection.

Many new domains have come up, but there’s no saying for how long they’ll be available. This guide will give you information on the best Hindilinks4u alternative sites so that you can enjoy similar content.

Quick List – Hindilinks4u Alternatives

  • Hotstar
  • Netflix
  • JioCinema
  • Popcornflix
  • Peaco*ckTV

What is Hindilinks4u?

Hindilinks4u was a piracy-centric website offering an extensive list of free movies and TV series to watch. This website mainly catered to the Indian community, with its services once labeled as the hub of all Indian entertainment. The website offered movies and TV shows from other categories, too, but most of the classics were Hindi.

Did Hindilinks4u Shut Down?

Yes, the official HindiLinks4u site shut down due to piracy issues. Since then, many mirror links have appeared. Some of them include HindiLinks4u.pm, HindiLinks4u.cam, HindiLinks4u.support, HindiLinks4u.com, and others. The issue is that because all of the mirror sites are illegal, they shut down quite regularly. Instead, many are looking for hindilinks4u similar sites. We’ve highlighted them below.

Hindilinks4u Alternatives 2024

To ensure that your data is protected and that you’re visiting legal sites, we’ve listed some of the best paid and free sites to watch hindilinks4u movies and TV shows. They include:

Hotstar – Best on our list of Hindilinks4u alternatives

The absolute best alternative to HindiLinks4u is Hotstar. It’s free for those living in India but comes with subscriptions in the USA or abroad in the form of Disney+Hotstar. This site features a wide variety of Bollywood movies and TV series in multiple genres. Plus, there are also other kinds of content available like sports live TV options, etc. Even though Hotstar is only available in India, you can alter your IP address with FastestVPN and create your Hotstar account.


If you’re looking for hindilinks4u sites with similar content, it’s best to go for a premium subscription-based app like Netflix. It covers not only Indian or Hindi content but offers a much extensive list of movies and TV shows from other countries. However, to get access to the Indian content library, connect with the FastestVPN India virtual servers.


JioCinema is a popular HindiLinks4u alternative site that doesn’t require you to pay for any subscription or create accounts. You can directly stream from its website, choosing between thousands of free movies and TV shows. Most of the links are also in HD quality. However, because websites to watch free movies online are often illegal, consider going for a paid option.


Next, on the list of websites like HindiLinks4u, we have Popcornflix. This service offers you free movies and TV shows that you can select from various genres and categories. The website hosts the majority of shows and movies in HD quality, and some that you can download. A few of the genres include comedy, action, thriller, Sci-Fi, documentaries, etc. Plus, the quality of the links also comes in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.


Last on the list of good alternatives to Hindilinks4u is Peaco*ckTV. If you’re craving Bollywood hits, look no further than Peaco*ck TV! This rising star from NBCUniversal boasts a treasure chest of content waiting to be explored. Beyond the usual American shows and live sports, Peaco*ck TV offers a surprising delight for Indian cinema fans: a vast library of Hindi movies. Whether you’re a die-hard Bollywood buff or simply curious to delve into Indian cinema, Peaco*ck TV has something for you. They also provide a wide variety of content beyond Bollywood, ensuring endless entertainment options.

FAQs – HindiLinks4u Alternatives

Which is the best website for Bollywood movies?

There are many websites and apps for streaming Bollywood movies. The current best are Netflix India and Hotstar.

How do you download Bollywood movies for free?

Some websites allow you to download free Bollywood movies, but we don’t recommend them. This is because downloading free movies that infringe copyright policies is against the law.

Where can I stream Hindi movies with English subtitles?

Most of the Hindilinks4u alternatives on our list come with English subtitles.

How do you download movies from hindilinks4u?

You can use a uTorrent or BitTorrent app to download movies or shows from Hindilinks4u. However, we don’t recommend it because it violates copyright laws.

To Conclude

Streaming on websites like Hindilinks4u always comes with risks. This is why ignoring them altogether is crucial. They might be free, but it comes with other costs like data theft, malicious links or ads, legally infringed content, and more. This is why we’ve listed the safest Hindilinks4u alternatives that you can use instead.

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