The Sopranos: Every Main Character's Fate At The End (2024)

The Sopranos is considered one of the greatest television shows of all time, thanks to its mob-related content, award-winning performances, and intense drama. One minute the viewer was on the edge of their seat and the next minute they were laughing. Whether it was the unintentional comedy or the emotionally draining drama, The Sopranos delivered a great hour of television for over 7 years.

The series finale "Made In America" remains a divisive topic to this day due to its sudden black screen ending. At the very least, the ending worked in terms of talking points, especially since everyone is still discussing it 17 years after The Sopranos aired its final episode. Still, it's worth reminding fans of every character's possible fate at the end of the beloved series, especially the biggest question of all — who killed Tony Soprano? Much of the following information may be speculation, but there were certainly plenty of threads left behind for fans to tug on in hopes of unraveling the many questions that The Sopranos left hanging in the air.

Updated on April 6, 2024 by Jenny Melzer: Having just celebrated its 25th anniversary, The Sopranos remains one of televisions most stunning creations. From compelling characters and high drama to studies on mental illness and family, the iconic HBO series saw 86 episodes across six seasons and a prequel film that only left fans wanting more. With over a decade and a half having passed since the series' finale, many can't help but wonder what happened to The Sopranos' most beloved (and in some cases most annoying) characters after the inconclusive diner scene.

Meadow Soprano Married Patrick Parisi And Became A Successful Lawyer

She Would Likely Go On to Have A Beautiful Family With Patrick


The Sopranos Was Ahead of Its Time With ADHD Acknowledgment

Many people misinterpreted AJ Soprano from The Sopranos as being a spoiled rich kid without considering his serious diagnosis early in the TV show.

Five of the Most Gruesome Deaths In The Sopranos


Manner of Death


Fabian Petrulio

Strangled by Tony Soprano for turning on the family

Season 1, Episode 5

Ralph Cifaretto

Tony smashed his head into concrete for killing his horse

Season 4, Episode 9

Minn Matrone

Smothered to death by Paulie Gualtieri for being mean to his Ma

Season 4, Episode 12

Adriana Le Cerve

Shot to death by Silvio Dante after becoming a rat

Season 5, Episode 12

Phil Leotardo

Shot before his head was crushed beneath a car tire

Season 6, Episode 21

In The Sopranos ending, it's revealed that Meadow had been secretly dating Patrick Parisi. When Tony and Carmella meet with the Parisi family, Patrick reveals that Meadow got a job with a successful law firm. After the ending at Holsten's, it would make sense if Patrick and Meadow got married and maybe had a couple of kids. Meadow always had a little chip on her shoulder but seemed to be a smart and genuine person.

In Season 3, Meadow was working at a law center and was helping a young Muslim girl with legal problems. The experience Meadow gained at the law firm would pay off and her work ethic would allow her to become one of the most successful lawyers in New Jersey. Meadow and Patrick would likely have a beautiful family. They'd probably give their kids the same privileged life that they both grew up with, minus the mob connections and blood money.

A.J. Soprano Was Working For Carmine's Production Company

Fans Don't Doubt That He's Going To Keep On Complaining Forever

A.J. Soprano is one of the most reviled characters on The Sopranos. Introduced when he was just 12-13 years old, A.J. was the epitome of a self-entitled rich kid who got everything he wanted and rarely paid the price for bad behaviors. He whined about everything, growing particularly morose before the end of the series, and even experiencing panic attacks like the ones his father and grandfather endured. Because he threatened to join the military, Tony pulled some strings and got A.J. a job with Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr.'s production company. In the finale, A.J. was also seen kissing Rhiannon, the model who was admitted to the same mental health hospital he was in after he tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in the family pool.

Unfortunately, his SUV catches fire and blows up while he and Rhiannon stand by and watch, a symbolic note on how disposable everything in the youngest Sopranos' life really was. A.J. and Rhiannon would likely go on to start dating seriously and move in together. Although, things could take a turn in their relationship if A.J. gets fired from the production company. Either way, fans don't doubt that A.J. would keep complaining, no matter what happens because of his upbringing. His entire life was handed to him, and he often faced little to no consequences anytime he got into trouble--no matter how serious the crime. On the other hand, he definitely inherited his father's debilitating panic attacks, which suggest a life of therapy. One can only hope that he turns things around, finding a way to work with his mental illness, rather than against it.

Carmela Soprano Got Married To Vic Musto From Season 2

She Nearly Decides To Go To Italy But Ultimately Stays Behind

After what happened to Tony at Holsten's, Carmela would have been on her own. With both of her kids old enough to take care of themselves, she probably spent a bit of time contemplating what was left for her as she faced an empty nest. Now that Tony was out of the picture, she likely would have reconnected with Vic Musto. Vic was a home decorator and the brother-in-law of Davey Scatino, one of Tony's childhood friends. Vic and Carmela shared a kiss in Season 2 and even flirted, leading to Carmela inviting Vic over for lunch.

However, Vic may have realized how dangerous Tony was, so he didn't show up for the lunch with Carmela. After Tony is gone, Carmela thinks of going to Italy and rekindling her relationship with Furio, but she runs into Vic at the hardware store. Vic, knowing that Tony is out of the picture, asks Carmela if she still wants to have that lunch they planned years before. Carmela accepts his invitation and the two begin a serious relationship, which leads to Vic moving into the house and their eventual marriage.

Paulie Ran The Aprille Crew But Eventually Retired To Miami

He Still Has One Of The Greatest Tans, Especially In Florida


10 Actors You Forgot Appeared In The Sopranos

The Sopranos has guest-starred several talented actors, but fans might not remember some actors who had minor roles in the iconic HBO series.

Paulie Walnuts (portrayed by the late Tony Siricio) was an amazing and outrageous character, thanks to his ability to terrify and entertain viewers. In the last episode, Tony offers Paulie the chance to be captain of the Aprille crew, but Paulie refuses, citing the bad luck the previous captains of that crew. Richie Aprille was killed by Janice, Gigi died on the toilet, and Ralphie was killed by Tony. However, Tony convinces him to take over the crew when he mentions that Paulie and Patsy will be a family soon.

Fans have always wondered about what happened to Paulie in The Sopranos ending. After Tony is gone, Paulie decides to retire to Florida and hangs out with Beansie Gaeta, another former member of the Aprille crew. Paulie remains in Florida and still has one of the greatest tans, something that was important to him even when he lived in New Jersey.

Corrado "Junior" Soprano Died In The Hospital

His Alzheimer's Only Worsens Over Time

Corrado "Junior" Soprano may have been the boss in Season 1, but he always seemed to be playing catch-up to what Tony and his crew were doing. Junior was strictly a boss by name and was arrested at the end of the first season. Yet, even after giving the green light for a hit on Tony, the two grew close again when Junior was diagnosed with cancer. They seemed to be on good terms for several years, but Junior was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Junior started repeating that Tony never had the makings of a varsity athlete, something he said to Tony when he was a kid. Understandably, Tony was upset by this. In the first episode of Season 6, Junior shoots Tony in the stomach because he thinks Tony is someone else. They only see each other one more time, but Junior doesn't remember who Tony is. Sadly, it's likely that Junior died in the mental health facility.

Janice Found Her Son Hal And Made A Nuclear Family With Bobby's Kids

She Remains An Integral Part Of All Her Kids' Lives

Janice may have been annoying and selfish, but she seemed devastated when her husband Bobby Baccalieri was killed. Although their relationship wasn't perfect, Janice and Bobby were good for each other. She had another child named Harpo, who was never seen in The Sopranos, but it's revealed that he's homeless and had changed his name to Hal. After Bobby's death, Tony recommended bringing Hal into her new family, creating a "nuclear" family.

However, Janice seemed to be more concerned with who would get Uncle Junior's money. Tony tells Junior he should leave that money to Bobby's kids and not Janice. After Junior's death, Janice probably decides to find Hal and continues to take care of Bobby's kids and their daughter. Although her motives seem to be money-related, Janice builds a new life with her "nuclear" family and remains an integral part of all the kids' lives.

Silvio Might Have Become The Boss Of The Family

He Would Have Been A Good Choice To Carry Tony's Legacy

The Sopranos: Every Main Character's Fate At The End (3)


'I Cannot Do This': James Gandolfini Frequently Tried to Quit The Sopranos

The Sopranos creator David Chase delves into the struggles lead actor James Gandolfini had during his time on the award-winning HBO series.

After Tony's death in The Sopranos ending, Silvio could have regained consciousness. After several months of rehabilitation, he would take responsibility for the entire family. Silvio claims he was discussed as a candidate for boss after Jackie died, and he did become acting boss at the beginning of Season 6 after Tony was shot.

However, his allergies started acting up and his breathing became labored after a few days of being the fill-in boss. After surviving the shoot-out, Silvio may have gained a new perspective on life and decided he wanted to be more than a Consigliere. He was so respected by the family that he would have been a good choice to carry Tony's legacy.

Dr. Jennifer Melfi Was Devastated by Tony Soprano's Death

Despite Having Cut Ties, Dr. Melfi Couldn't Help Feeling Responsible for Tony's Violent Death

The on-again-off-again doctor/patient relationship between Dr. Jennifer Melfi and Anthony Soprano was a core plotpoint from the beginning of The Sopranos. Recommended to her by his neighbor after he collapsed at A.J.'s birthday party, Dr. Melfi set aside her fears about working with a mobster and did what she could to help Tony understand the triggers for his anxiety. Across the course of their extensive therapy sessions, he terrified her almost as much as he intrigued her, and though try as the people around her might to discourage her from keeping him on as a patient, she couldn't let go of the relationship that formed between them.

There were many times she obviously crossed the line as a professional psychiatrist. From flirting with Tony and his friends when she ran into them in public, to allowing their professional relationship to continue well after it had escalated beyond doctor and patient. By the time she finally refused to stop taking his blood money, like her colleague who worked with Carmela, she'd come to terms with the fact that despite how interesting his life of crime was, she could no longer morally continue as his therapist. By this point, however, Dr. Melfi had become such a part of Tony Soprano's life, there's no doubt that learning of his violent death would have filled her with guilt and doubt. Could she have helped him if she'd done things differently, or even insisted on him meeting with a more qualified psychiatrist? Chances are, she would steer clear of writing a memoir about her sessions with a notorious mobster on moral grounds, but it's hard to imagine her continuing to treat patiens after realizing how epically she failed Tony Soprano.

Tony Soprano Was Presumably Killed By The Members Only Jacket Guy

His Death Remains Hotly Discussed Among Fans To This Day

The famous cut-to-black Sopranos ending will be debated for years, but most fans think that the black screen signified Tony's death. If so, who killed Tony Soprano, one of the most controversial anti-heroes to ever appear in an HBO series? There were many interesting people in the diner that night, but the man in the Members Only jacket probably pulled the trigger. The Members Only jacket guy was Eugene Pontecorvo's brother. Eugene was a captain for one of Tony's crew at the beginning of Season 6 but wanted to retire to Florida with his wife and kids.

Maybe Tony rejected Eugene's request to retire and revealed Eugene was working with the FBI. Eugene's life might have started to unravel quickly, which led to his brother wanting revenge on Tony. The Members Only jacket guy had the same skin tone and hair color as Eugene, which means he could have shot and killed Tony in Holsten's. All that's left after that is speculation about everything left behind by the infamous Anthony Soprano. As a character study, Soprano was one of the most iconic in television history, and for years to come fans will carry on the discussion about his legacy.

The Sopranos: Every Main Character's Fate At The End (5)
The Sopranos




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New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life that affect his mental state, leading him to seek professional psychiatric counseling.

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What happened to Carmela after Tony died? ›

Carmela Soprano Got Married To Vic Musto From Season 2

With both of her kids old enough to take care of themselves, she probably spent a bit of time contemplating what was left for her as she faced an empty nest. Now that Tony was out of the picture, she likely would have reconnected with Vic Musto.

What happened to Paulie after Tony died? ›

After Tony dies, Paulie decides to retire in sunny Florida and hang out with Beansie Gaeta. Tony Sirico plays the role of Paulie, who's a key henchman and adds a lot of dark humor to the show. Even though Paulie still exists in the show, the actor who played him died in 2022 when he was 79 years old.

Why did sopranos end so abruptly? ›

Rather, The Sopranos ended because Chase drafted the best finale for the story, which he told a crowd gathered for his Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award for Television acceptance in 2008 after an extended hiatus between seasons 5 and 6. This isn't to say there wasn't some HBO interference, particularly early on.

Who betrayed Tony Soprano in the end? ›

Summary. Tony Soprano's death in the controversial Sopranos finale may have been a result of betrayal by his longtime friend, Paulie. Paulie's demotion and shifting power dynamics give him motives to resent Tony and potentially look to New York for a better role, leading to his betrayal.

What happened to AJ Soprano in the end? ›

In the final episode, A.J. is in his Nissan Xterra with Rhiannon, his new girlfriend, and starts making out with her, but they both rush out of the vehicle when it catches fire due to A.J.'s parking it over a pile of leaves. After getting chewed out by Tony, A.J. decides to join the Army and begins vigorous training.

Who did Tony cheat on Carmela with? ›

By the end of the fourth season, Tony and Carmela separate after Tony's former mistress Irina Peltsin calls the Soprano home, talks to A.J., and informs Carmela that Tony slept with Svetlana Kirilenko, Irina's cousin and the former nurse of Livia Soprano. Carmela begins dating A.J.'s guidance counselor, Robert Wegler.

Does Paulie become a rat? ›

Another popular anecdote floating around for years is that Sirico agreed to do the series as long as Paulie never became a “rat,” aka government informant, as the actor had a criminal past and took the issue seriously. It seems that is most likely accurate, as Schirripa noted that Sirico said, “I'll never play a rat.”

Who shoots Tony Soprano? ›

One afternoon, Junior is particularly agitated, and Tony goes to his house because no one else is free to look after him. While Tony is cooking dinner, Junior, thinking he is a long-dead mobster, shoots him in the stomach.

What happens to Meadow Soprano? ›

This could be seen as one of the events that accelerated the brewing war between Phil Leotardo and Tony Soprano. At the end of the series, it was revealed Meadow had become engaged to Patrick Parisi and might find employment at his law firm.

Why did people hate The Sopranos ending? ›

The Sopranos

The finale, with its now-infamous “cut to black” ending, was The Sopranos at its risk-taking best, though many fans were dismayed at the ambiguity of Tony's fate. Some of the cast members even complained that they thought their TV had suffered a glitch while watching the episode's closing moments.

Why did The Sopranos end with a black screen? ›

The lyrics of the closing song, seemingly telling the viewer "Don't stop believin'," are thought to support this, while the silent black screen space before the credits is meant to allow people to imagine and believe in their own continuations of Tony's story.

What happened to the final scene of The Sopranos? ›

Did Tony Soprano die? Tony was killed in the end scene. He was shot in the back of the head by the man in the member's only jacket. The scene is structured in the way such that the viewer experiences Tony being wacked- the perfect ending to a show that made people relate and sympathize with a sociopath.

Who flipped at the end of Sopranos? ›

In the final scene, Tony told Carmela that Carlo was testifying, thus confirming that he turned informant, likely to keep his son out of jail.

Why did Tony Soprano get whacked? ›

2 Patsy Has Motive To Kill Tony In The Sopranos

While drunk, Patsy points a gun at Tony through a window and considers whacking him as revenge after Tony sanctioned the murder of Patsy's twin brother.

Who was the traitor in The Sopranos? ›

As it turns out, several of Tony's closest allies betrayed him. However, the most consequential might be Carlo Gervasi. Carlo was a capo and top earner for Tony. In the series finale "Made In America," Tony discovers that Carlo became an informant and posed the greatest threat to Tony going to prison.

Does Carmella take Tony back? ›

Tony and Carmela negotiate over her desire to build a house on spec in partnership with her father Hugh. Tony agrees to pay $600,000 for the land and promises that his "midlife crisis will no longer intrude anymore" into their marriage. They are reconciled and he moves back into their house.

Does Tony ever find out about Carmela? ›

Tony never discovers that Carmela had been sleeping with Wegler. She confesses this to Monsignor Philip, who reprimands her for adultery. While Father Phil does not condone Tony's past affairs, he makes it clear that two wrongs do not make a right. He asks that Carmela do penance by doing something nice for Tony.

Does Carmela ever find out about Adriana? ›

In the season 6 episode "The Ride", Carmela Soprano runs in to Adriana's mother, Liz La Cerva, who tells Carmela that she believes Christopher killed Adriana and that the FBI questioned her about Adriana's disappearance.

How much money did Carmela take from Tony? ›

Carmela is infuriated when she discovers a false fingernail—belonging to Valentina—in Tony's clothes. She takes two packets, totaling $50,000, of the money Tony has hidden in the duckfeed, and invests it with stockbrokers.

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